Our Approach

SASA B2E use a customized approach according to business, entrepreneur, or employee needs and requirement. We have expert consultants for our each of services & trusted partners who offer customized solutions based on our partner's requirement or business requirement after visiting or having a detailed understanding of the business and its activity. Our expert or concerned team member follows the strategy of 5-c which is defined by sasa b2e along with a customized approach. We go step by step & offer the required business solution or human capital or we manage directly business operation whichever fit the organization's needs making it sustainable and growing.



    We look forward to understanding the work process of the company, entrepreneurs, and their mission and objective expected from employees and their business.



    We look forward to understand the culture of the company and country.



    The mindset is a very important asset of any community which builds the country and company. Constitution of the country each country and its people and company has to function base on the constitution.



    We study the constitution and understand the law of the country to build the sustainable system.
    We act-on 3 R’s–to build automated system and manpower for the organization  at their budget. By-the right trainers at-the right place on-the right time

Our Steps

Identifying the Gap in Business And Resource Requirements

The first step in producing a resource allocation plan is to list the resources that will be required along with the expected level of demand. Study the business with the head of the department, verify the history of the related department, expected time, relation in business, and process.
This will normally be done by considering each activity in turn and identifying the resources required. However, there will also be resources required that are not activity specific but are part of the project’s infrastructure (such as the project manager) or required to support other resources for the company.

Sign Up The Process

We collect and review pertinent information to gain an understanding of the market, your organization, and the position. We then conduct interviews with the client’s key constituents to expand our understanding of the organization’s management style and culture as well as the professional and personal attributes of the ideal candidate.

Submission Of Plan, Task, Time Frame And Responsible Resource

It sets the foundation for recruiting and retaining. It is also an important component of maintain an equitable compensation system and ensuring legal compliance. The document should be revisited and updated in line with the annual performance evaluation cycle.
We submit a plan to our business partner with a proper plan and time frame to follow up and execute in a given time frame.

Follow-Up Start To End Cycle

Simply put, it includes all the steps that get you from the job description to offer letters and join, identify the gap, implement solutions, and train the department. Daily follow-up and report every week until it executed as it’s agreed.

Exchange Of The Thought During The Process

Discuss the thoughts during the process and the scientific selection ensures the right man for the right job in a given time frame is working. If we provide the candidate then discuss and ensure that the candidate creating a team of efficient, capable, and loyal employees, proper attention needs to be given to the scientific selection of managers and other employees.

Ensuring The Candidate Integrates As Targeted Date

Ensuring the candidate integrates as targeted date with the proper induction process as per the company’s policy, recruiting the right people for your business is probably the most important responsibility for a manager. Recruiting the wrong people can be extremely costly and damaging to your business. The rewards for recruiting the right people can be significant, in terms of financial success, loyalty, and organisational culture.

Win-Win Result by Both Parties

Let’s build the business together and at a win-win for both of us.